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Technological innovation is the hallmark of the G.W. Anglin success story. Interactive software and automated manufacturing equipment is capable of precise production which allows us to meet the growing expectations of the global marketplace.

Blanking - Laser cutting and turret punching, supported by multiple seats of interactive IRONCAD software, can process complex designs for aluminum and stainless steel up to one inch thickness. Our "lights out" laser system is equipped with a programmable, automated material handling system, allows for unmanned loading/unloading of material seven days per week, 24 hours per day.

Bending - G.W. Anglin is equipped to service unique one-off designs for short or long production runs. CNC and automated robotic bending offers unparalleled accuracy.

Welding - G.W. Anglin certified technicians are trained to process sheet metal, plate, stainless steel, and aluminum. Motoman robotic weld cells and Arc World II dual head robotic welder are used to ensure integrity and accuracy.
Assembly - G.W. Anglin utilizes Lean Manufacturing principles which results in efficiencies and reduced costs. The outcome for our clients is quality products, delivered on-time.
Machining - In-house CNC machine capabilities allow us to control and inspect the entire manufacturing process. This feature enhances our one-stop-shop capacity.
Installation - Hydraulic, mechanical and electrical expertise allows us to execute complete installation internally.

Valued Employees - Advanced equipment and computer programs are only effective when utilized by our highly skilled employees.


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