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G.W. Anglin Manufacturing Inc. Acquires Amtech to Further Expand in Quebec Market

September 18th, 2015:

MONTREAL, QC and WINDSOR, ON, Sept. 15, 2015 /CNW/ - G.W. Anglin Manufacturing Inc. ("GWA" or the "Company"), a portfolio company of Carpedia Capital Ltd. and Banyan Capital Partners, announced today the expansion of its commercial fleet upfitting business in Quebec through the acquisition of 9175-3681 Québec Inc. (operating as "Amtech").

"We are delighted to augment GWA's existing Quebec operations with such a respected industry player as Amtech, which is recognized throughout Quebec for the quality of its products and customer service. GWA welcomes Amtech's entire staff, as well as its founder Michel Sauvageau, to the GWA team. Mr. Sauvageau will be President of GWA's Quebec operations and we look forward to working closely with him as a partner in GWA to accelerate growth, drive innovation and add value for customers. This transaction marks a significant milestone for GWA in execution of its strategic plan to become Canada's leading commercial fleet upfitter", said Loris Boschin, CEO and President of GWA.

About G.W. Anglin Manufacturing Inc.

GWA is a leading upfitter in Canada for large scale, high performance commercial fleets which are utilized by large natural gas utility, electrical utility and telecommunications customers, particularly for complex vehicles. As one of Canada's few vertically integrated commercial vehicle upfitters, GWA designs, manufactures and installs a majority of the product it integrates into vehicles, providing customers with turn-key work vehicle solutions. GWA is a Tier 1 supplier of low volume, light metal fabrications incorporated into heavy equipment vehicles and also a Tier 2 supplier of low volume automotive parts. 

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